from Coombe in Oxfordshire

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Lois (Louise) Busby (born approx 1800 Coombe) – first children baptised in Coombe early 1820’s

1822 10 Feb William Galpin married Lois Busby Yeovil St John the Baptist, wit Thomas Poole, Jonathan Crocker

Presumably Lois is the daughter of John and Ann, and sister to Moses and John.



1683 8 Feb Elizabeth d of Thomas and Elizabeth Busby  Combe

1685 23 Dec Jane d of Thomas and Elizabeth Busby Combe

1687 12 Nov Mary d of Thomas and Elizabeth Busby  Combe


1723 31 May Jane d of Matthew and Anne Busby, combe   buried 5 Jun 1723

1723 31 May Elizabeth d of Matthew and Anne Busby buried 5 Jun 1723


John Busby

1761 John Busby born Combe

1777 3 Jun Elizabeth d of John and Elizabeth Busby Combe


There were almost certainly other children born to this couple between Edward (1792) and John (1801). Unfortunately however the Combe baptismal registers for this period were totally destroyed by fire in 1918.

1791 Moses s of John and Ann Combe

            1813 28 Jun Moses Busby, Mason married Mary Anne Morgan  Stonesfield

1792 12 Aug  Edward s of John and Ann Combe

1801 5 Jul John s of John and Ann Busby  Combe

            1831 20 Jan John Busby married Ellizabeth Mansell Combe

1803 17 Apr Thomas s of John and Ann Busby  Combe

1805 2 Jun Elizabeth d of John and Ann Busby Combe

            1827 3 Dec Elizabeth Busby married James Thornton Combe

1807 12 Apr Mark s of John and Ann Busby  Combe

1809 13 Aug Rebecca d of John and Ann Busby  Combe

            1830 24 Dec Rebecca Busby married Adam Long of Handborough  Combe


1819 3 Feb John Busby senior buried age 58

1847 24 Jan Ann Busby buried age 78


Moses son of John and Ann Busby

            1813 28 Jun Moses Busby, Mason married Mary Anne Morgan  Stonesfield

1814 14 Aug Eliza d of Moses and Marianne Busby  Combe 

1815 19 Feb Eliza d of Moses and Marianne Busby  buried

1815 25 Dec Ann  d of Moses and Anne Busby  Combe

1820 18 Jun George s of Moses and Mary Busby  Combe

            1823  11 Aug Walter Benjamin s of Moses and Mary Busby    Coombe

                        1824 14 Sep Walter Benjamin s of Moses and Mary Busby    buried

            1826 29 Oct Elizabeth d of Moses and Mary Busby      Coombe


1862 20 Nov Mary Anne Busby buried age 73


1841 census Long Coombe

Moses Busby  50        Mason             Y

Mary Busby    50                                Y

Elizabeth Busby          15                                Y

Ann Busby      70                                Y


1851 census  Woodstock Dedington HO107/1730  Folio 311  Page  16

Moses Busby                          56        Mason                         Coombe    

Emily Thornton     Niece         17        Glovers ?        Coombe   

Elizabeth Collet     Visitor        24                                Coombe    


George son of Moses and Anne

1841 28 Nov Rebecca d of George Busby and Emma Parsons  buried 12 Dec 1841  Combe

1843 9 Jan Emma Reaves Busby d of George Busby and Emma Parsons  Combe

1844 22 Dec Thomas s of George Busby and Emma Parsons  Combe

1851 25 May William s of George and Emma Busby  Combe

1852 4 May William s of George Busby and Emma Bridgewater  Coombe, Woodstock


1851 census Woodstock Dedington HO107/1730  Folio 312  Page 18

George Busby             30        Gardener         Coombe        

Emma     Busby       30                                   Tetsworth    

Emma R. Busby       8                                    Coombe       

Thomas   Busby          4                                  Coombe       

Martha    Busby          4                                   Coombe       

Ann        Busby           1                                  Coombe       


John son of Moses and Anne

1840 22 Nov Moses s of John and Jane Busby  Combe

1842 13 Mar Sarah Ann d of John and Jane Busby  Combe

1844 31 Mar Elizabeth d of John and Jane Busby  Combe

1851 5 Jul Walter s of John and Jane Busby  Combe


1841 census Long Coombe

John Busby Jun          20        Mason             y

Jane Busby     25                                Y

Moses Busby  7mon                           Y


1851 census Woodstock dedington HO107/1730  Folio  307  Page 9 

John Busby    33           Mason          Coombe         

Jane Busby    33                    Brightwell       

Moses  Busby             10                                Coombe          

Harabert Busby           9                                  Coombe          

Elizabeth Busby     7               Coombe          

Jane Busby    4                      Coombe          

Aaron Busby               2                                  Coombe          


1871 census   Woodstock RG10/1448  Folio 40  Page  4

John Busby     52        Stone Mason   Coombe   

Jane  Busby   54                                Coombe      

John  Busby   15                    Stone Mason   Coombe   

Lois Busby      14                    Glove maker   Coombe     

Harry  Busby      12                    Scholar         Coombe     

Dorcas Busby     9                      Scholar         Coombe     


Moses s of John and Jane

1871 census Woodstock  RG10/1448  Folio  40  Page 4 

Moses  Busby             30        Stone Mason   Combe      

Sophia    Busby                       27       Dressmaker    Combe      

Annie Sophia Busby               6         Scholar            Combe      

Charles Edwards Busby         4                                  Combe      

Violet Virginia  Busby              2                                  Combe      

Jane Elizabeth Busby             6mths                           Combe      


Aaron s of John and Jane

1871 census   Woodstock RG10/1448  Folio 40  Page  3  & 4 

Aaron  Busby              22     Stone Mason      Combe               

Sarah    Busby             21                               Combe   

Alfred Luther Busby   1                                  Combe   


Walter son of John and Jane

1871 census Woodstock RG10/1448   Folio   39  Page  2 

Walter Busby              19       Baker   Combe              

Emily Busby                30                    Bleinhem Park    


John son of John and Ann Busby

1844 10 Jan William s of John and Elizabeth Busby Combe, buried 6 Feb 1844


1841 census Long Coombe

John Busby     35        Publican                      y

Elizabeth Busby          30                                y


1851 census Blandford Arms Inn Woodstock dedington HO107/1730  Folio 309  Page 13 

John Busby    49         Victualler        Coombe          

Elizabeth  Busby    41                         Coombe          

Mark  Busby          6                             Coombe          

Harry Busby           4                            Coombe          

Elizabeth Mansell        13        Niece         Magdelan         


Mark son of John and Elizabeth

1871 census Coralie Mill Woodstock   RG10/1448  Folio 49 Page 21 & 22

Richard Bates             Head               59         Clerk of Works           kidlington               

Sarah    Bates             Wife     65                                            Stanton Harcourt   

Ann Busby                  dau      24                                            Oxford                   

Mark Busby     son in Law      26        Railway Clerk             Combe                  

Harry Busby     Grandson       3mths                          Combe                  


1881 census 33 St F Claines, Worcester

Mark Busby                            36        Railway clerk              Long Coombe

Ann Busby                              35                                            St Ebbs Oxford

Harry E Busby                        10                                            Long Coombe

Leonard M Busby                   7                                              Long Coombe

Ralph Busby                           5                                              Claines

Henrietta Busby                      3                                              Claines

John F Busby                          9mon                                       Claines

Elizabeth Busby  mother  wid 71        retired publican                       Long Coombe


1861 census Chipping Norton RG9/911 Folio  Page 37  Page 20 

William Busby            54        Journeyman Millen?   Crawley     

Jane Eliza Busby        47        Millens wifey                Coombe     

Eliza Busby                21        Reeler in a factory      Forest Hill  

Harriet Busby             17        Knotter                        Wheatley    

Sarah Busby              11        Scholar                        Wheatley    

William Busby              8          Scholar                       Wheatley    

Edward  Jas Busby      5          Scholar                        Wheatley    


From Anne


"William Galpin was born in 1800 at Crewkerne, the year Napolean was marching over Europe, winning the  Battle of Marnego on June 4th and William Pitt introduced the Acot of the Union with Ireland. The same year in a small Oxfordshire village a baby girl was born, destined to be William's wife, and give the name of Lois. Of William's boyhood days one has no knowledge; one can only assume he served his apprenticeship as a carpenter. After Waterloo no doubt employment was not what it had been at Crewkerne and so many of the young men sought work elsewhere. My father always said his Grandfather William, walked into the Midlands seeking work and being successful in Oxford, spent the rest of his life here. From Mrs Lois Ford, daughter of Jane Talbot, nee Galpin, William's daughter, relates the following: "In the early 1820s a friend of William's having come into the Midlands seeking work was successful at Coombe, about nine miles from Oxford, wrote to William advising him to come and he walked up, about 112 miles. The two Crewkerne boys lodged in an inn kept by a Mr Busby, who had two pretty daughters. The friend fell in love with the prettiest and so did William, who pressed his suit and married Lois Busby. Today there are a number of Busbys at Coombe and Mr E W Busby now living at Westfield Farm." In the early 1820s the farm was burned down and it is more than probable that its rebuilding brought the Crewkerne boys to Coombe.

In Hunt's Directory for 1846, under the Woodstock and District Section are the following entries:
Busby, The Cock Inn, Coombe
Busby, The Blandford Arms, Coombe

It is more than probable that Lois Busby's home was the latter.

Combe Mill is a sawmill belonging to the Blenheim Estate of the Duke of Marlborough.  There has been a mill on this site since Saxon times; the Domesday survey of 1086 refers to a mill at ‘Cube’, which is known to be Combe, and it is reasonable to assume that the mill had existed for some time before that. In those days the village of Combe was also in the valley, east of the mill, but it was deserted in the fourteenth century, possibly as a result of the Black Death, and now stands at the top of the hill about a mile from the mill, around the fourteenth century church. The present sawmill dates from the mid-nineteenth century and was originally powered by a water wheel and a beam engine, both of which survive, both having been restored to working order.


The beam engine bears the date 1852, but it has been suggested that blocked windows on the east side of the building indicate avoidance of window tax, thus dating the building prior to 1851. At the same time as the engine was installed a new breast shot water wheel was fitted at the opposite end on the existing wooden spindle remaining from an earlier wheel.  The mill machinery, including the forge blower and the whetstone on the ground floor and a band saw and lathes in the upper workshop, was driven via flat belts from pulleys on the line shafting, which could now be turned by either water or the mill machinery. The two sources of power allowed work to continue regardless of the state of the river, and the increased reliability meant that other processes could be carried out here also.



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