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Surname from Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Waterford



Marriages Jun 1860 Driscoll  Michael    Lambeth  1d 428  

Marriages Jun 1860 HILL  Catherine    Lambeth  1d 428

births Sep 1870 Driscoll  Johanna     St. Giles  1b 522


1851 census 10 Lascelles Court St Giles in the Fields

John Dumprey  head             23           fruit seller                             Ireland Cork

Jerry Dumprey  brother       24           fruit seller                             Ireland Cork

Nelly Dumprey  sister           17            fruit seller                             Ireland Cork

Jimmy Dumprey  brother     16            sells fruit                               Ireland Cork

Dennis Driscoll    visitor        50           basket maker                         Ireland Cork

Judith Driscoll visitor           40           wife of above                        Ireland Cork

Timothy Driscoll visitor        17            fruit seller son of above       Ireland Cork

James Driscoll visitor           14            fruit seller son of above       Ireland Cork

Michael Driscoll visitor         11             fruit seller son of above       Ireland Cork

John Driscoll visitor              9              fruit seller son of above       Ireland Cork


1851 census Chatham

George Driscoll      21            Private Army          Clonakilty Cork


1861 census Hebe of Cork (ship)

John Driscoll          23           AR Seaman            Clonakilty Ireand


1861 census 5 Park Farm Yard, Addington Surrey

Joseph Driscol                       32           Ag lab     Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland

Mary Driscol                          26                           Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland

Dennis Driscol                        6                              Addington

Mary Driscol                          4                              Addington

John Driscol                           2                              Addington

William Driscol              under 2 m                       Addington

Mary Callen  MIL wid           60                           Ireland Bandon   Blind


1871 census 1 Kennedy’s Court, St Giles plus others  possibly related

James Dempey      30           labourer                 Temple Brane ? Ireland

James Driscoll       32           labourer                 Clonakilty Ireland

Jeremiah Driscoll 20           labourer                 London


Michael son of Dennis Driscoll and Judith

1861 census 12 Denmark Place, St Giles

Michael Driscoll                     23           labourer                                 Ireland

Catherine Driscoll                 21            charwoman                             Ireland

Michael Driscoll                     1                                                              St Giles


1871 census 4 Lawrence St, St Giles in the Fields

Michael Driscoll                   30               Costermonger                            Cork Ireland

Catherine Driscoll                29                                                                   Cork

James Driscoll                     8                 Scholar                                       St Giles

Michael Driscoll                   3                 Scholar                                       St Giles

Johanna Driscoll                  8 mon                                                             St Giles


1881 census 24 Cecil Court St Martin in the Fields

Michael Driscoll                   48               General dealer                           Clonaherty Ireland

Catherine Driscoll                44                                                                   Cork

James Driscoll                     18                Tailors trimmer                         St Giles

Michael Driscoll                   13                No occupation                           St Giles

Johanna Driscoll                  10                Scholar                                       St Giles

William Driscoll                    7                 Scholar                                       St Giles

Catherine Driscoll                5                                                                     St Giles

Thomas Hill visitor               24               Labourer                                    Cork


1901 census 47 Neal St, St Giles, Holborn

Michael Driscoll wid            Visitor        63               General dealer                           Ireland

Kate Driscoll                        visitor         30               Servant                                       Ireland


James son of Michael Driscoll and Catherine Hill

1891 census 6 Park Terrace, Enfield

James Driscoll                            28            Tailors cutter                            London Johs

Ellen Driscoll                              30                                                                Bloomsbury

Ellen M Driscoll                          5              Scholar                                       Bloomsbury

Mary J Driscoll                          2                                                                   Bloomsbury

Catherine E Driscoll                   10 mon                                                         Bloomsbury

Hannah Driscoll  sister, visitor  21             Tailoress                                     Bloomsbury


1901 census 4 Harcourt Terrace, Downes Rd, Enfield

James Driscoll wid                     38            Tailors cutter                            Bloomsbury

Ellen Driscoll                              15                                                                 Bloomsbury

Mary Driscoll                                              12                                                Scholar         Bloomsbury

Catherine  Driscoll                     10                                                                 Bloomsbury

James Driscoll                            9                                                                   Bloomsbury

Lillian Driscoll                                             6                                                        Enfield

Edward W Driscoll                     4                                                                   Enfield


William son of Michael Driscoll and Catherine Hill

1901 census 27 Neal St, St Giles in the fields, Bloomsbury

William Driscoll    26               Tailors trimmer                         St Giles

Jane Driscoll        24                                                                   St Giles


Michael son of Michael Driscoll and Catherine Hill

1901 census  233 Quinn Sq St George The Martyr Southwark

Michael Driscoll              32              Market porter            St Giles

Ellen Driscoll                   29                                                  St Giles

William Driscoll              3                Scholar                        St Giles

Nellie  Driscoll                11 mon                                            St Pancras


(Jo)Hannah daughter of Michael Driscoll and Catherine Hill

Marriage certificate : 1894 Corpus Christi Church, Strand district, London, 22 October, Michael Garvey (25) bachelor railway porter of 34 Neal Street, son of Michael Garvey, coal dealer, married Hannah Driscoll (24) spinster of 47 Neal Street, daughter of Michael Driscoll, fruiterer.  Service Roman catholic.  Witness : James Driscoll, Katie Driscoll.  Register Strand 1b 1093.


Hannah (Fanny) Driscoll Garvey lived in Rays Avenue, Edmonton before Bertha Cheverton was born, 1915.  Bertha says she died in her 90s, early 1950s Bootle, lived with ? Winnie Cheverton, granddaughter.

1951 Dec Crosby 10c 83




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