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1861 census  RG9/324 folio 65 page 25 24 Kirby St, Bermondsey

Thomas DYRE head mar       26           lab

Julia wife                               36
Thomas son                            4
Michael GARY lodger mar    32           lab
Ellen wife                               28?
Bridget dau                            6m
John DARRY visitor mar       24
Deberah? visitor mar            28

1871 census 8 Denmark Place (25 people in 8 families), St Giles, London

Michael Garvey      41            labourer                 Ireland

Ellen Garvey           40                                           Ireland

Bridget Garvey      10                                            Bermonsdey

Michael Garvey      3                                              St Giles


1881 census 8 Denmark Place, St Giles London  (from transcription – not seen original yet)

Michael Garney     59           Bricklayers labourer             Ireland

Ellen Garney          56                                                           Ireland

Bridget Garney      20           factory hand – pickler          Bermondsey

Michael Garney     12            scholar                                    St Giles  Middlesex


1860 Sep Q Bridget Garvey Bermondsey 1d 99

1868 Sep Q Michael Garvy St Giles 1b 503


1881 census 6 Clarks Buildings London

William Nagel        21            law writer               London

Margaret Nagel     19                                            London

William C Y Nagel  1                                              London

1879 Jun Q William Nagel and Margaret Hennessey  Westminster 1a 852 

1880 Mar Q William Charles H Nagel born St Giles 1b 688

1883 Jun Q Margaret Nagel died St Giles 1b 413

1885 Mar Q William Nagel and Bridget Garvey Westminster 1a 720


1891 census 8 Park Terrace, Enfield

William Nagel                                       31                           Law writer                                   Soho

Bridget Nagel                                      30                                                                                Bermondsey

John J H Nagel                                    9                             Scholar                                        Bloomsbury

Michael T Nagel                                  4                                                                                   Marylebone

Maurice D Nagel                                  3                                                                                   Marylebone

Victor B Nagel                                     1                                                                                   Bloomsbury

Michael Garvey Father law                 76                           Coal and coke dealer                  Ireland

Ellen Garvey Mother in law                 65                                                                                Ireland

Michael Garvey brother visitor          23                           Coal trimmer                               Bermondsey


1901 census 10 Fotheringham Road, Enfield

William Nagel                       40                    Solicitors clerk                     Soho

Bridget Nagel                       40                                                                    Bermondsey

John J H Nagel                    19                     Stone pressers lab               Bloomsbury

Michael T Nagel                   14                                                                    Marylebone

Maurice D Nagel                  13                                                                    Marylebone

Victor B Nagel                      11                                                                     Bloomsbury

Albert E Nagel                     9                                                                      Enfield

Francis C Nagel                    8                                                                      Enfield

Joseph E Nagel                    6                                                                      Enfield

Ellen P B K Nagel                  5                                                                      Enfield

Michael Garvey                    87                    Father in law                         Ireland

Ellen Garvey                         72                    Mother in law                        Ireland



1907 Dec Q Michael Garvey 72 death Edmonton 3a 300

1908 Sep Q Ellen Garvey 70 Edmonton 3a 263


1911 census  Edmonton

William Nagel                       51

Bridget Nagel                       50

Michael Frederick Nagel    24

Albert Edward Nagel          19

Francis Cyril Nagel              18

Joseph Edmund Nagel         16

Ellen Philomena Bridget Kathleen Nagel    15



Marriage certificate : 1894 Corpus Christi Church, Strand district, London, 22 October, Michael Garvey (25) bachelor railway porter of 34 Neal Street, son of Michael Garvey, coal dealer, married Hannah Driscoll (24) spinster of 47 Neal Street, daughter of Michael Driscoll, fruiterer.  Service Roman catholic.  Witness : James Driscoll, Katie Driscoll.  Register Strand 1b 1093.


Birth Certificate : 1895 Subdistrict of All Souls, Marylebone, London, 7 January, 28 Union Street, Catherine Helen, father Michael Garvey, carman, coals, mother Hannah Garvey formerly Dricsoll, registered 16 Feb 1895.  Register Marylebone 1a 539.


1901 census St John Marylebone 10 Gresse Street

Michael Garvey                          33                  Carman                  Middlesex

Hannah Garvey                           31                                                  Middlesex

Cath Helen Garvey                     6                    Scholar                  Middlesex

Michael Garvery                         4                                                   Middlesex


1911 census Lambeth

Johannah Garvey                   41           

Catherine Garvey                  17


Mick Garvey said to have died young. 

Hannah (Fanny) Driscoll Garvey lived in Rays Avenue, Edmonton before Bertha Cheverton was born, 1915.  Bertha says she died in her 90s, early 1950s Bootle, lived with ? Winnie Cheverton, granddaughter.


Marriage certificate : 1913 Register Office, Edmonton, Middlesex, 29 November, Richard Cheverton (22) bachelor electrician of 17 Bounces Road, Edmonton, son of Albert Alexander Cheverton, electrician, married Catherine Garvey (18) spinster of 19 Bounces Road, Edmonton, daughter of Michael John Garvey, general labourer.  Witness : W Salter, M Garvey.  Register Edmonton 3a 1056.

Suggestion from Dick Cheverton that Catherine Garvey came from Marylebone.


Richard and Catherine Cheverton and family lived at 18 Cornwallis Avenue, Edmonton before the second world war.


Children of Richard and Catherine :

Winifred - Jan 1914

Bertha - 4 May 1915 Cornwallis Avenue, Edmonton, died 30 Sept 1987, Harlow

Richard - 1916/7

James - 1926

Michael - died age ~3

Catherine - ~1930

Margaret - ~1931


Death Certificate : 1950 subdistrict Crosby, Lancaster, 4 July at 60 Cambridge Avenue, Great Crosby, Catherine Helen Cheverton, 55, widow of Richard Cheverton (electrical engineer) died of subarachnoid haemorrhage due to hypertension certified by Cornelius Bolton coroner for Lancashire after post mortem without inquest. 


Other Garvey


Don’t think these are the right ones now.

Ballyunion is the same as Ballybunnion, on the north west corner of Kerry (famous golf course now).


Note don’t appear to be in the 1861 census


1871 census 3 East Row, St Ann Limehouse

Michael Garvey      60           labourer                 Kerry

Ellen Garvey           50                                           Kerry

Jno Garvey             17                                            Kerry

Michael Garvey      14                                            Kerry

Patsey Garvey        11                                             Kerry

Dennis Garvey        9                                              Kerry

Thomas Pratt         21            Lodger                    Middx

Jno Dewine            30           Visitor                     Ireland


1881 census 3 Clements Cottages, Frenches Fields, St Nicholas Deptford

Michael Garvey      70           Foundry labourer                  Kerry

Ellen Garvey           60                                                           Kerry

Michael Garvey      23           Foundry labourer                  Ballyunion

Patrick Garvey       21            Foundry labourer                  Ballyunion

Dennis Garvey        18            Fireman journeyman             Ballyunion


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