from Blisworth Northamptonshire and Wigtownshire in Scotalnd

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1881 census Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe, Cheshire

Eliza Mary Nairn    20            Barmaid                  Blisworth


Where is her birth ? – not found on freebmd


William  Son of Peter Nairn and Elizabeth Pacey

                1911 census 9 Hawley Crescent, Kentish Town ?  (7 Rooms)

                William Nairn         43            engineer fitter                        Blisworth Northampton

                Sophia Nairn         45            Married 27 years,  11 live births, 4 died              London Kentish Town

Alexander Nairn    24            sawyer (timber merchant)     London Kentish Town

Edward Nairn         19            pipe maker                             London Kentish Town

Arthur Nairn           13                                                            London Kentish Town

Ernest Nairn           11                                                            London Kentish Town

Millie Nairn             8                                                              London Kentish Town

Elisabeth Nairn      84            mother widow                        Blisworth Northampton


1901 census 6 Hawley Crescent St Pancras  RG13 134 43 75

William Nairn         33,           Railway Engineers Assis      Northampton
Sophia Nairn         35                                                            London St Pancras
William Nairn         16           Grocer Shop Boy                  London St Pancras
Peter Nairn             15           Boot Shop Boy                      London St Pancras
Jessee Nairn          13                                                           London St Pancras
Ted Nairn               9                                                              London St Pancras

Arthur Nairn           3                                                             London St Pancras

Ernest Nairn           1                                                             London St Pancras


1903 Dec Q George Elijah Nairn Pancras 1b 25

                1904 Mar Q George Elijah Nairn 0 died Pancras 1b 11

1902 Sep Q Amelia Rebecca Nairn Pancras 1b 115

1900 Jun Q Ernest Hector Nairn Pancras 1b 8

1898 Mar Q Arthur Nairn Pancras 1b 117

1896 Sep Q Sidney Nairn Pancras 1b 125

                1897 Mar Q Sydney Nairn 0 died Pancras 1b 84

1893 Dec Q Bertie Elijah Nairn Pancras 1b 176

                1895 Sep Q Bertie Elijah Nairn 1 died Pancras 1b 53

1891 Dec Q Edward John Nairn Pancras 1b 165

1889 Sep Q John Frederick Nairn Pancras 1b 170

                1891 Sep Q John Frederick Nairn 1 died Pancras 1b 95

1887 Dec Q Jessie Harriett Nairn  Pancras 1b 146

1886 Jun Q Peter Alexander Nairn Pancras 1b 144

1884 Dec Q William George  Nairn Pancras 1b 126

                1910 Jun Q William George Nairn married Pancras 1b 3__




John Son of Peter Nairn and Elizabeth Pacey

1901 census  10 Eagle Wharf Road, Hoxton, Shoreditch note comes up as navin
John Nairn             48            engineers fitter                      Birmingham
Mary                        43                                                            Towcester
Ernest                     19            improved  ?trus                     St Pancras
Maggie                   13            leather worker apprentice    Kentish Town
Hubert                     11                                                           Kentish Town
Rosie                      6                                                              Allbrook Hants
George                   4                                                              Allbrook Hants

1891 census 44 Stanmore Cot, St Pancras  note comes up as Marin
Henry Nairn           39            machineman                         Edgbaston
Mary                        33                                                            Towcester
Ernest                     9              scholar                                   St Pancras
Elizabeth                 6              scholar                                   St Pancras
Maggie                   3                                                              St Pancras
Bertie                      1 m                                                          St Pancras


1896 Sep Q George Frederick Nairn Winchester 2c 139

1894 Dec Q Rose Mary Nairn Winchester 2c 131

1891 Jun Q John Hubert Nairn Pancras 1b 135

1887 Dec Q Maggie Frances Nairn Pancras 1b 154

1884 Jun Q Annie Elizabeth Nairn  Pancras  1b 199

                1904 Dec Q Annie Elizabeth Nairn married Southwark 1d 69

                1881 Dec Q Ernest Alexander Nairn Pancras 1b 79


                1878 Mar Q John Nairn married Towcester 3b 33

                Where is his birth ? – not found on freebmd

                1852 Dec Q Peter Nairn  birth Birmingham 6d 53


Peter son of William Nairn

1914 27 Dec Elizabeth Nairn nee Pacey buried age 88, Finchley Cemetry

1914 Dec Q Elizabeth Navin 88 Pancras 1b 148


1911 census 9 Hawley Crescent, Kentish Town   (7 Rooms)

William Nairn         43            engineer fitter                        Blisworth Northampton

Sophia Nairn         45            Married 27 years,  11 live births, 4 died              London Kentish Town

Alexander Nairn    24            sawyer (timber merchant)     London Kentish Town

Edward Nairn         19            pipe maker                             London Kentish Town

Arthur Nairn           13                                                            London Kentish Town

Ernest Nairn           11                                                            London Kentish Town

Millie Nairn             8                                                              London Kentish Town

Elisabeth Nairn      84            mother widow                        Blisworth Northampton



1891 census L&NW Railway lodging house, entrance in Dumpton Place, St Pancras  RG12 118 221 65

Elizabeth Nairn wid               64            Matron of lodging house                     Northampton


1877 Mar Q Peter Nairn 69 Towcester 3b 15  - note age wrong – likely to be 59 not 69


1871 census Blisworth Station (Gas House)

Peter Nairn                                  53              gas fitter, Blisworth Station                        Scotland

Elizabeth Nairn                            43                                                                                    Northampton

John Nairn                                  18              Engine fitter                                                 Edgebaston

Elizabeth Nairn                            9                scholar                                                        Blisworth

William Nairn                              3                                                                                      Blisworth


1871 6 Jan Elizabeth M Nairn d of Peter and Elizabeth, gas maker Blisworth church records

1871 9 Apr William A Nairn s of Peter and Elizabeth, engineer (gas) Blisworth church records

1868 Mar Q William Nairn  Towcester 3b 23 birth


1861 census Gas House Blisworth

Peter Nairne                                45              manager of gas works                Scotland

Elizabeth Nairne                          34              dressmaker                                  Northampton

John Nairne                                8                scholar                                         Staffordshire, Birmingham


1861 Jun Q Mary Navin  Towcester 3b 24 birth – is this our Eliza Mary

1858 Dec Q George Alexander Nairn  Death Towcester 3b 12

1858 Dec Q George Alexander Nairn Towcester 3b 19   buried in the baptist chapel burial ground Blisworth

1856 Dec Q William Nairn  Towcester 3b 18

1860 Dec Q William Navin  Death Towcester 3b 16  (he was their son – age 4 – accidentally drowned)


1853 24 Jan Peter Nairn,36, engine fitter, living Blisworth, s of William Nairn, carpenter, married Elizabeth Pacey, 26, living Wynn Street, Birmingham, d of James Pacey, boot and shoe maker  Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Warks


1851 census Blisworth          RG8 107 1736

Peter Nairn                             34            engineer                                 Wigtownshire

Elizabeth Pacey     servant   23            dressmaker                            Blisworth


Peter Nairn should have been born between 1816-1818


Family legend - Peter Nairn came from Kirkudbright (from Gertrude Bode Luker) or Lake District (from Alex Luker)


Family legend

Sir ~ Nairn, some relation.  Scottish engineer who built bridges in Britain and abroad, particularly India.  Knighted for his work.  Also said to have built one of the early bridges over the Menai Straits – Query – could this possibly be Thomas Telford ?  - he came from the Scottish Borders.


  From Brian genesreunited

The William Nairn I have in my family tree was a son of Alex Nairn (a crofter) and Margaret McConnell. They had at least one other son called Alexander Nairn who was the Postman for Whithorn and the Isle of Whitorn. He married Jane Milroy Gordon and they had a large number of children including Charles B Nairn who seems to have been a prominant figure in the town of Whithorn. Another child of theirs was Peter Milroy Nairn who was my great grandfather. I also know of a William Nairn who was born in 1757 and married Margaret Wilson and they had a son called Arthur, but have yet to prove a connection to my family. Also a Peter Milroy, son of John and Anabella who married Agnes but again I have not been able to prove a link.

1841 census Warroch St  Barony St Marks  Lanarkshire

Janet Nairn            1781                                                                        Scotland

Peter Nairn             1816        Labourer in Farmdsy                             Lanarkshire

Ann Nairn               1821        PLW                                                        Lanarkshire



St Ninian’s old churcyard Whithorn  Monumental inscritption.

Sacred to the memory of Alex NAIRN late of Gorntown d.1 Jun 1854 aged 64yrs.

Also Margaret McCONNELL wife of the above who died at Gorntown d.22 Nov 1864 aged 74yrs.

Also Gordon NAIRN son of Alex NAIRN who died at Whithorn d.27 Oct 1860 aged 2yrs 5mths.

Also Jessie NAIRN daughter of William NAIRN d.9 Nov 1871 aged 9mths.

Also Jeannie Nisbet ANDREWS wife of Charles R. NAIRN d.4 Jun 1887 aged 25yrs.

Also Jeannie M. GORDON wife of Alexander NAIRN d.6 Oct 1891 aged 67yrs.

Also Alexander NAIRN d.30 Jan 1893 aged 70yrs.

Also William NAIRN who died at Bootle d.20 Oct 1903 aged 89yrs.  (should be 59 yrs Dec Q W Derby 8b 243)

Also Robert NAIRN son of Alexander NAIRN.


1841 census Garliestown West Row  Sorbie  Wigtownshire

William Nairn   born approx                 1761 


1814 22 Dec John son of John Nairn and Elizabeth Milligan  Wigtown


1841 census Piece: SCT1841/900 Place: Whithorn-Wigtownshire Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: Whithorn Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 6 Page: 4
Address: Cornton Croft
Alexander Nairn    48            Hand Loom Weaver              Wigtownshire       

Margaret Nairn       46                                                            Wigtownshire       

John Nairn             7                                                              Wigtownshire       

James Nairn           5                                                              Wigtownshire       

Margaret Nairn       9                                                              Wigtownshire       

Janet McWilliam    55                                                            Wigtownshire   


1851 census Cornton  Whithorn

Alexander Nairn    1790        crofter                     Whithorn

Margaret Nairn       1790                                        Glasserton

William Nairn         1815        ag lab                      Whithorn

James Nairn           1836        scholar                   Cornton


Alex Nairn married Jane Gordon


1851 census Main St Whithorn

Alex Nairn              28            letter carrier            Whithorn

Jane Nairn             27                                            Whithorn

William Nairn         6              scholar                  Whithorn

Alex Nairn              4              scholar                   Whithorn

John Nairn             2                                              Whithorn

James Nairn           11m                                         Whithorn

Jessie Gardner      15            house servant        Aberden Shin


1861 census Main Street Whithorn

Alexander Nairn    37            letter carrier            Whithorn

Jane Nairn             36                                            Whithorn

William Nairn         16            pupil teacher          Whithorn

Alexander Nairn    14            shop boy                                Whithorn

John Nairn             12            scholar                   Whithorn

James Nairn           10            scholar                   Whithorn

Peter Nairn             8              scholar                   Whithorn

Robert Nairn          6              scholar                   Whithorn

George Nairn         4              scholar                   Whithorn

Charles Nairn        8 mon                                     Whithorn

Mary Donnan         17            domsetic servant   Whithorn



1871 census 11 Brownlow Rd, Liverpool

William Nairn                         26            draper                     Scotland

Alex Nairn bro                        24            draper                     Scotland

John Nairn bro                      22            clerk                        Scotland

James Nairn bro                    20            clerk                        Scotland

Ellen Donnan                        55            housekeeper          Scotland

William McAdam                    31                                            Scotland

David Gibb                             17                                            Scotland


1873 30 Jan William Nairn married Agnes Mackie Buchanan  Dinnill at Liverpool


1881 census 11 Brownlow Rd Liverpool

William Nairn         36            travelling draper                    Scotland

Agnes Nairn           35                                                            Scotland

Nessie Nairn          7                                                              Liverpool

Jeannie Nairn        5                                                              Liverpool

Bella Nairn             3                                                              Liverpool


1901 census 45 Primrose Road  Bootle

William Nairn         56            tailer                                        Scotland

Agnes Nairn           53                                                            Scotland

Agnes Nairn           27                                                            Liverpool

Jane Nairn             25                                                            Liverpool

Isabella Nairn         23                                                            Liverpool

John Dinnel  uncle               61            living on own means                            Scotland


This is the son of Alex and Margaret above

New Zealand newspaper  The Wellington Indepenent 11 March, 1869

NAIRN - CHAPMAN. At the residence of the brides family, by the Rev. W. S. McGowan, J. C. Nairn, Esq, Rose Park, Porirua Road, late of Cornton, Whithorn, Wigtonshire, Scotland, to Louisa, eldest daughter of John Chapman, Esq, Hope Farm, Petini, Hutt.

1841 census Piece: SCT1841/897 Place: Sorbie-Wigtownshire Enumeration District: 4
Civil Parish: Sorbie Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 4 Page: 4
Address: Garliestown, West Row
Merion  Armstrong                                35 Laundress         Outside Census County (1841)       

James  Armstrong                                 13                            Wigtownshire       

Jane  Armstrong                    11                            Wigtownshire       

William  Armstrong               9                              Outside Census County (1841)       

William  Nairn                        80                            Wigtownshire       

Nicholas  Makin                    45                            Unknown    


1841 census Piece: SCT1841/895 Enumeration District: 12
Civil Parish: Penninghame Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 12 Page: 1
Address: South Barbuchany Penninghame-Wigtownshire
Peter  Narin                            70            Farmer                    Wigtownshire       

Elizabeth  Narin                     50                                            Wigtownshire       

Mary  Narin                            20                                            Wigtownshire       

Eliza  Narin                             15                                            Wigtownshire       

William  Armstrong               19            Male Servant          Wigtownshire       

George  Clownie                   50            Male Servant          Ireland       

Jane  Mclellan                       15            Female Servant      Wigtownshire    


1841 census Piece: SCT1841/892 Enumeration District: 7
Civil Parish: Mochrum Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Mochrum Folio: 7 Page: 3
Address: Glenling Farm Mochram-Wigtownshire
James  Gordane                    31            Tailor      Ireland       

Mary  Gordane                      33                            England       

Thomas  Gordane                 4                              Ireland       

Patrick  Gordane                  2                              Ireland       

Jean  Galloway                      40                            Wigtownshire       

Agnes  Nairn                          17                            Wigtownshire    


1841 census Piece: SCT1841/900 Enumeration District: 1
Civil Parish: Whithorn Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 1 Page: 11
Address: - Whithorn-Wigtownshire
Peter  Cumming     25            Agricultural Labourer             Wigtownshire       

Agnes Cumming    25                                                            Wigtownshire       

Helen  Narin           50            Washerwoman                      Wigtownshire       

Mary  McKerlie       20            Female Servant                      Wigtownshire      


1841 census Piece: SCT1841/900 Enumeration District: 2
Civil Parish: Whithorn Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 5 Page: 2
Address: Low Skeog Whithorn-Wigtownshire
Martin  Jane           55            Farmer                    Outside Census County       

Hugh  Martin          27            Independent          Wigtownshire       

Elizabeth  Martin    20                                            Wigtownshire       

Janet  Martin          18                                            Wigtownshire       

Allan  Whitford      26            Male Servant          Wigtownshire       

William  Nairn        14            Male Servant          Wigtownshire       

Esther Clark           27            Female Servant      Wigtownshire



Sacred to the memory of Mary Armstrong, spouse of John Gordon Nairne, writer in Castle Douglas, who died there on 29 Apr 1855, age 62 years.  James Gordon, their fourth son, who died at sea on board the ship Gloucester, Liverpool, on 19 Aug 1844, age 23.  David, their 3rd son, solicitor, who died at Preston, Lancs on 5th Nov 1845, age 26.  The said John Gordon Nairne who died at Castle Douglas, 22 Apr 1859, age 68 years.  Andrew their son who died at Castle douglas, 11 May 1864 age 33

1841 Census

22 Cotton St, Burgh of Castle Douglas

John G Nairn                         45            writer

Mary                                        43                           

Mary                                        20

George                                   10

Andrew                                   8

1827 6 Mar George Little s of John Gordon Nairne and Mary Armstrong Kirkudbright

1824 21 May Thomas McKie s of John Gordon Nairn and Mary Armstrong Kirkudbright

1821 27 Nov James Gordon s of John Gordon Nairn and Mary Armstrong Kirkudbright

1815 18 Jun Mary d of John Nairn and Mary, born at Girthon

1814 13 Feb William McClure s of John Gordon Nairn and Mary Armstrong Kirkudbright

Castle Douglas – John Gordon Nairne, Cotton St, messengers Post office 1826

1799 31 Oct Francis s of John Nairn and Catherine Gordon Kirkudbright

1797 29 Aug James s of John Nairn and Catherine Gordon Kirkudbright

1795 10 Dec Alexander s of John Nairn and Catherine Gordon Kirkudbright

1794 10 Aug Agnes d of John Nairn and Catherine Gordon Kirkudbright

1791 9 Jul Gordon s of John Nairn and Catherine Gordon, born at Borgue


1841 Census

75 Auchencairn, Parish of Rerrick

James Nairn                           40            nail manufacturer/shopkeeper/trader

Sarah                                      40

Mary                                        20

Margaret                                 10

John                                        6

Ann                                         5

1840 1 Jan William Maxwell s of of James Nairne and Sarah Hannah, born at Rerrick

1837 6 Dec Anne d of James Nairn and Sarah Hannah, born at Rerrick

1834 27 Jan John s of James Nairne and Sarah Hannah, born at Rerrick

1830 29 Mar Margaret d of James Nairne and Sarah Hannah, born at Rerrick

1821 26 Jun Mary d of James Nairn and Sarah Hannay, Parton

1820 6 Oct James Nairn married Sarah Hannay, Urr

Auchencairn and Dundrennan – James Nairn, nailor Post office 1826



Erected by Joseph Nairn, tailor, Kirkudbright

In memory of Mary Ann Angel, his spouse who died Oct 18 1813, age 33.  Also their sons John, William and … who died in infancy.  Also his mother Agness Stivenson, who died 27th March 1819, age 77 years.  Also Jane Douglas, his spouse, who died 1st Decb’r 1833, age 56 years

1841 Census 15 St Cuthbert St, Burgh of Kikudbright

Joseph Nairn                         55            tailor

Agnes                                     30           

John                                       6

Margaret                                4

1837 26 Feb Margaret Hannay d of Joseph Nairn and Agnes Kirkudbright

1835 8 Sep John s of Joseph Nairn and Agnes Hannay Kirkudbright

1835 11 Oct Joseph Nairn married married Agnes Hannay, Kirkudbright

1811 12 Jul Marianne d of Joseph Nairn and Marian Angel Kirkudbright

1809 27 Sep William s of Joseph Nairn Kirkudbright

1771 12 May Agnes d of James Nairn and Agnes Stevenson

1769 26 Dec James Nairn married Agnes Stevenson, Kirkudbright


1852 14 Jun Margaret Nairn married Henery L, Urr

1843 26 Jul Janet d of James Nairn and Sarah Ramsay, born at Urr

1836 7 Nov Gordon Nairn married Joan Sproat, Tongland

1814 23 Oct Joseph Nairn married Jean McKean, Minigaff

1808 18 Jul Elizabeth Nairn married William Moat, Balmaghie

1770 11 Aug Elizabeth Nairn married Patrick Hannah, Kirkudbright


1799 26 Jan John s of John Nairn and Mary McCortay Kirkudbright

1797 14 Jul James s of John Nairn and Mary McCourtay Kirkudbright



Erected by Margaret Nairn in memory of John McMin, her husband, who died Nov 11 1789, age 64.  Also Agnes McMin, their daughter, who died in infancy.  Also Margaret Nairn, his spouse, who died June 2 1796, age 67 years

1749 Jun Margaret Nairn married John McMin, Kirkudbright



Erected in memory of Robert Duff, late farmer in Little Sypland, died 22 Mar 1822, age 51.  Margaret Anderson, his spouse died at samw place 13 Apr 1849, age 77.  Ann Duff their daughter died 1st Aug 1844 age 44.  William Duff their son, died 16 jun 1853, age 46.  Also Jessie Nairn, wife of Robert Duff, their son, who died at High Barcaple 29 Mar 1873, age 53, and others.  Also said Robert Duff, their son, who died at High Barcaple 9 June 1896, age 85 years



In loving memory of Anne Nairn, widow of Colonel CE Stewart, died April 6 1931, age 88



Carter family, also Margaret Nairne wife of William Carter, who died at New Galloway 2 Jun 1895 age 89 years.



1852 Peter s of Alexander Nairn and Jane Gordon, Withorn

1772 William s of Anthony Nairn and Elizabeth Drew Penninghame


1841 Census

Tannery, Kirkudbright

Gordon Nairn                        30           


1841 Census

High St, Dalbeattie Town

Joseph Nairn                         65            Stewart officer


date surname forename parent names/frame no.sex parish gros data

20/06/1819 nairn ann robert nairn/ann weir fr427 and 626   f   stewarton

15/08/1820 nairn ann george nairn/ann garvieu kinneff and catterline

10/03/1823 nairn ann charlotte andrew nairn/jean tait fr3546f leith north

30/07/1818 nairn anne david nairn/agnes skinner fr1647f kettle

04/11/1823 nairn elizabeth ann bjames nairn/sophia spruntf  kinghorn

09/11/1821 nairne ann john nairne/jane rhynief  aberdeen

04/07/1824 nairne ann william nairne/ann imrie fr6157f perth


1851 census

1851 nairn janet f65  aberdeen aberdeen city/aberdeen 168/a0 019/0a 019

1851 nairn janet f65 stewarton/ayr 616/00 001/00 002

1851 nairne janet f71 methven/perth 380/00 005/00 006


31/03/1776  nairn janet william nairn/beatrix cumming f abernethy and kincardine 090/a0 0001

01/12/1782 nairn janet james nairn/anne campbell fr163 f croy and dalcross 094/00 0001

02/11/1783 nairn janet james nairn/janet harper fr321 f stewarton 616/00 0003

28/08/1785 nairn janet john nairn/janet miller fr326 f stewarton 616/00 0003

10/04/1785 nairn janet john nairn/elizabeth crawfurd fr326 f stewarton 616/00 0003

28/03/1786 nairn janet peter nairn/euphan blair fr393 f yester 725/00 0002

14/03/1786 nairn janet david nairn/christian laing f newburgh 450/00 0001

03/02/1788 nairn janet james nairn/janet thomson fr314u livingston 669/00 0001

22/11/1789 nairn janet william nairn/janet camron f kinloss 138/00 0001


04/07/1762 nairn william thomas nairn/elizabeth noble fr139m libberton 650/00 0001

19/07/1763 nairn william william graham bart. nairn margaret smith fr106uforgan 431/00 0001

27/09/1764 nairn william george nairn/mstrathdon (and corgarff) 240/00 0002

17/11/1765 nairn williamwilliam nairn/janet young merrol 351/00 0002

30/11/1766 nairn william david nairn/rachel anderson fr71mf lisk 430/00 0001

30/11/1766 nairn william david nairn/rachel anderson mf lisk 430/00 0001

02/08/1767 nairn william james nairn/catharine dummock fr945m carnwath 632/00 0001

09/09/1770 nairn william archibald nairn/mary brown fr952m carnwath 632/00 0001

31/03/1771 nairn william/isabel nairn fr78m eaglesham 561/00 0001

31/03/1771 nairn william john nairn/margaret broddie uperth 387/00 005*

05/04/1774 nairn william robert nairn/isabel balfourm kirkcaldy 442/00 0003

09/10/1774 nairn william william nairn/m methven 380/00 0001

18/04/1775 nairn william john nairn/katherine forrestm arbroath 272/00 0003

06/03/1776 nairn william william nairn/ann watson fr9257m edinburgh 685/01 0035

29/03/1778 nairn william cuthbert nairn/margaret highet fr307m stewarton 616/00 0003

20/10/1778 nairn william john nairn/m avondale 621/00 0001

05/12/1778 nairn william william nairn/agnes inglis fr9466m edinburgh 685/01 0036

26/11/1780 nairn william thomas nairn/elizabeth thomson m clackmannan 466/00 0004

08/03/1780 nairn william william nairn isobella mc donald m cromdale and inverallan  128/b0 0002

20/11/1782 nairn william or wilson//thomas nairn/isabel wilson u nairn 123/00 0003

25/04/1784 nairn  william archibald nairn/janet ferguson fr188m libberton 650/00 0001

17/07/1785 nairn william alexr. nairn/maboyne 170/00 0001

14/04/1785 nairn william nairn/margt. graham m barry274/00 0001

20/02/1785 nairn william robert nairn/agnes miller fr325mstewarton616/00 0003

26/03/1786 nairn william william nairn/jannet stoolmlogie-pert304/00 0001

19/10/1788 nairn william archibald nairn/janet ferguson fr1124mlanark648/00 0004

14/12/1788 nairn william james nairn/bethia stewart fr733 child 7ubarony622/00 0003

28/06/1788 nairn william william nairn/janet scottmfarnell286/00 0001

28/06/1788 nairn william william nairn/jannet scott fr190m farnell286/00 0001

30/08/1789 nairn william john nairn margarat or mary grant u cromdale and inverallan128/b0 0002

08/12/1791 nairn william james nairn/anne campbell u nairn123/00 0003

28/02/1793 nairn william john nairn/jean mclintock m cardross494/00 0002

15/05/1794 nairn william peter nairn janet davidson m cromdale and inverallan128/b0 0002

04/05/1794 nairn william cuthbert nairn/elisabeth cuthbertson fr349m stewarton616/00 0003

05/02/1795 nairn william william nairn/betty mitchell m abdie400/00 0002

24/08/1795 nairn william wil. nairn/isabel callum m edinkillie134/00 0001

09/12/1780 nairne william calderwalexander nairne/m meigle379/00 0001

10/04/1772 narine william anthony narine/elizabeth drew fr91m penninghame895/00 0001

28/08/1789 narne william john narne/elisabeth rose m  urquhart and logie weste084/00 0001

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