from Bacton and Cotton in Suffolk

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Sudbury area of Suffolk/Essex border

Frederick William Searle son of William Searle and Elizabeth Annie Dunn

 1977 15 May Frederick William Searle died

Frederick William SEARLE lived at Red House, Stoke-by-Nayland. Teacher at St John's Green Primary, Colchester

1933 5 Jun Frederick William Searle married Elizabeth Ida Barnard Dedham, Essex


William Searle son of John Searle and Betsy Barwell

1945 17 Nov Elizabeth Annie Searle, age 73, living St Leonards Hospital, buried All Saints, Sudbury

St Leonards Hospital, in-patients records

Mrs Elizabeth Searle, 74 years, 5 King Street, Sudbury, Dr Flemming, Church of England, carcinoma of stomach, admitted 3 Nov 1945, discharged 14 Nov 1945, died, duration 11 days.


1913 Mar 15 Betty Searle brn in Pebmarsh, baptised at the round church, Litlle Maplestead, Essex


1911 census Near Blue Pale Farm, Pebmarsh near Bures Essex

William Searle                       40        coachman domestic               Quarn Loughborough Leics

Elizabeth Anna Searle            39                                            Great Haywood Staff

Eileen Searle               8                                              Lymm Cheshire

Frederick William Searle      5                                              Pebmarsh

Bertram Searle                       3                                              Pebmarsh

Hume Searle               3                                              Pebmarsh

Married 9 years, 4 children


1908 Feb 23 Bertram and Hume Searle twins born at 3.20 pm Pebmarsh, Essex, baptised at Pebmarsh Jun Q 1908 4a 873

1905 Sep 17 Frederick William Searle born at 9am at Pebmarsh Essex, baptised at Pebmarsh Dec Q 1905 Halstead 4a 820

1903 Jan 16 Eileen Searle born at Lymm Cheshire, baptised at Lymm Cheshire Bucklow 8a 194 Mar Q 1903


children:     Eileen 1903-1989 went into service, housekeeper with posh families in London – thought rest of her family were country bumpkins.  Lost all her money when she retired and lived in a caravan.

Frederick 1905-1977 born Pebmarsh, Essex, went to Earl Colne Grammar school

Hume 1908-1982, twin, moved to Creeting St Mary with wife to own shop after his brother retired, worked for him before that.

Bert 1908-1985, twin, baker in Sudbury, retired early in 1950’s, in his 40’s – calm easy going, dominated his twin.

Betty 1913-1997 born Pedmarsh, Essex, had the cake shop in Sudbury after Bert retired

All firey characters except Bert.


William Searle – groom at the big house, married the daughter of the house, her parents disapproved.  Regularly lost his job and often short of money, the only time he had a regular income was when he was in the forces (world war 1 ?) when the money was paid directly to his wife, Eliazbeth.  Got bowel cancer and drowned himself in the river in Sudbury, just before or during the World War 2 .  Worked at Giffords Hall, near Polstead, Suffolk, also lived at Pebmarsh, Stoke by Nayland, Gt/Lt Maplestead, Sudbury.


Family info from bible:


Copy of entries in Mrs E A Searle’s Bible.

Frontice piece :  From the Rev Mr Dagg to E A Searle on the occasion of her marriage to William Searle  Apr 14 1902

 No idea where Elizabeth and William were before they married, or where they married.

1891 census Kepwick Park, Kepwick, Yorks

William Searl 21        footman                       Leicestershire


John Searle likely son of John Searl and Mary Ford


1905 Nov 17 Betsy Searle died age 72 at Quorn Leicestershire


1901 census  Brook Street, Sileby, Leicestershire

Betsey Searle     68                        Widow     Quorndon

Mary Searle sing 38                        Daughter Quorndon


1900 Nov 13 John Searle died age 79 at Quorn Leicestershire

John Searle died Nov 13th 1900 aged 79 years Gravestone Quorndon church


1891 Census  Barrow Street Quorndon

John Searle       70                        Stableman Groom          Kain Devon  (probably Kenn near Exeter)

Betsey     58                                    Quorndon


1881 Census Soar Road, Quorndon, Leicestershire

John Searle       60            Groom D                   Devon

Betsey Searle     48                                              Quorndon

George Searle    20           Kennel man                Quorndon

John Searle       17            Kennel man                 Quorndon

Fred Searle      14            Groom             Quorndon

Jane Searle      13            Nurse maid                 Quorndon

Wm Searle    10            Scholar                        Quorndon


1871 Census Barrow St, Quorndon

John Searl         48            Groom             Exeter, Devon

Betsey Searl       37                                        Quorndon

George Searl      10                        Scholar    Quorndon

Mary A Searl       8                         Scholar    Quorndon

John Searl             6 Scholar            Quorndon

Frederick Searl   4                                         Quorndon

Jane Searl          3                         Quorndon


1861 Census Barrow St, Quorndon, Leicestershire

Mary Barwell             68                                              Quorndon

John Searl son in law           39         Helper in stables         Eastor (Exeter), Devon

Betsey  Searl daughter          28                                              Quorndon

Arthur  Barwell grandson       10      Scholar           Quorndon

George  Searl grandson        10m                                          Quorndon

William Starlidge ? lod           54    Helper in stables         New Market, Cambs

Charles Critch lod      30        Helper in stables           Dover, Kent

Jonne Allsop lod        54        Helper in stables           Derby


Copy of entries in bible of Betsy Barwell

(inscription – a present from her affectionate father who died April 6 1853)

 1871 Apr 2 William Searle born 1.30am

1868 Jan 18 Jane Searle born 4pm

1866 Dec 9 Frederick Searle born 5am

1864 May 20 John Searle born 11pm

1862 Nov 4 Mary Anne Searle born 7am

1860 May 13 George born 5.30 am

1859 Dec 11 Betsy Barwell married John Searle (born Jan 28 1821)


Mary Searle daughter of John Searle and Betsy Barwell

1901 census  Brook Street, Sileby, Leicestershire

Betsey Searle                     68            Widow Quorndon

Mary Searle sing                 38            Daughter         Quorndon


1891 census Manor House, Pickwell and Leesthorpe, Leicestershire

Mary A Searle             28        housemaid      Quorn, Leicestershire

Jane Searle     23        housemaid      Quorn, Leicestershire


Loughborough 1881 Census index

Ann Searl 19 single servant  under nurse born Quorndon, living in house of William Pagett Byerley, magistrate


Jane Searle daughter of John Searle and Betsy Barwell

1901 census Sopley, Hampshire

Jane Searle single                  32        domestic housemaid   Quorndon


1891 census Manor House, Pickwell and Leesthorpe, Leicestershire

Mary A Searle             28        housemaid      Quorn, Leicestershire

Jane Searle     23        housemaid      Quorn, Leicestershire


Frederick Searle son of John Searle and Betsy Barwell

1901 census 5 Belgrave Mews St George, Hanover Square, London

Frederick Searle sing  30        Stable Helper  Quorn, Leicestershire


1891 census The Stables, Buscot, Berks

Frederick Searle         25        helper              Quorn, Leicestershire


George Searle son of John Searle and Betsy Barwell

1901 census Saffron’s Cross, Bodenham, Herefordshire

George Searle                        40        huntsman of foxhounds          Quorndon       

Arthur G Searle                       6                                              Bodenham     

Sarah Norris visitor     67        living on own means               Wilton Abbess Dorsetshire


1891 census The Lodge, Eastnor, Herefordshire

George Searle            boarder                        36        kennel huntsman        Quorndon Leicestershire


John Searle son of John Searle and Betsy Barwell

1891 census Bakewell Road, Great Rowsley, Derbyshire

John Searle     boarder                        27        gardener domestic                  Quorn Leicestshire



John Searle  son of Edward Searl and Ann sanford

John son of John and Mary Searl in Kenn – think this is the one – Kenn is near Exeter, and similar to the place given by John in the 1891 census


1865 Jun Q Mary Searle  died St Thomas 5b 51


1861 census Kenford village  Kenn

Mary Searle wid          62        widow of ag lab           Kenn

Thomas Searle           21        ag lab              Kenn


1856 Dec Q John William Searle died  St Thomas  5b 37


1851 census Kenn Devon

John Searle   57        game keeper   Kenn

Mary Searle    51                                Ashton

Elizabeth Searle          16                                Kenn

Thomas Searle           11                                Kenn

Joseph Searle 10                                Kenn


1841 census Kenn Devon

John Searle   45        M S                 Devon

Mary Searle    40                                Devon

Elizabeth Searle          6                                  Devon

Samuel Searle            4                                  Devon

Thomas Searle           1                                  Devon


1837 15 Jan Samuel s of John and Mary Searl Kenn IGI

1835 8 Mar Elizabeth d of John and Mary Searl Kenn IGI

1829 26 Jul Richard s of John and Mary Searl Kenn IGI

1825 Apr Jane d of John and Mary Searl Kenn IGI

1821 28 Jan John s of John and Mary Searl Kenn IGI

1818 4 Jan William s of John and Mary Searl Kenn IGI

1815 19 Feb Mary Ann d of John and Mary Sarel Kenn IGI

1814 29 Sep John SAREL married  Mary FORD, Kenn, Devon


Samuel Searle son of John Searl and Mary Ford

                        1851 census Hele Payne  Bradninch, Exeter

                        Samuel Searle            14        farm servant   Kenn


Robert Searle son of John Searl and Mary Ford

1871 census  Kenford Village, Kenn

Richard Searle            42        labourer                       Kenn

Harriett                        50                                Tiverton

Margaret                     12                                Kenn

Maria               10                                Kenn

Jane                8                                  Kenn


                        1861 census Kennford, Kenn

                        Richard Searle            33        ag lab              Kenn

Harriet Searle  39                                Tiveton

William Searle 9          scholar                        Kenn

Mary M Searle            7          scholar                        Kenn

Rachael Searle           4                                  Kenn

Margaret Searle          2                                  Kenn

Maria Searle   1                                  Kenn


                        1851 census Octon Stables Kenton Devon

                        Richard Searle  lodger            21        ag lab  Kenn


Edward Searl

IGI – there are others earlier – haven’t checked well


1797 26 Feb John s of Edward and Ann Serle  Kenton

1792 18 Mar Eliz d of Edward and Ann Serle Kenton

1788 27 Jan Edward s of Edward and Anne Serle  Kenton

1785 2 Jan William s of Edward and Ann Searle  Kenton

1783 9 Nov Edward Serle married Ann Serle Kenton


Other Searles in Kenn – check IGI again


1792 30 Sep Thomas s of Edward and Ann Sarel  Kenn

1789 1 Nov Mary d of Edward and Ann Sarell  Kenn

1787 1 Jul Susanah d of Edward and Ann Sarel  Kenn

1784 19 Sep Elizabeth d of Edward and Ann Sarel  Kenn

1783 26 Jan Edward William s of Edward and Anne Serle  Kenn

1781 Apr John Sarel s of Edward and Ann Sarel  Kenn

1780 31 Dec Edward Sarell married Ann Sanford  Kenton Devon


                        Thomas Searl son of Edward Searl and Ann Sanford

1871 census Laws Bridge, Newton Road, St Marys Church, Torquay

Thomas Searle wid wifes father         92        pauper             Kenn

(daughter would be Ann Katerton age 50)


1861 census Kennford, Kenn

Thomas  Searle                      68        Ag lab (almsman)                   Kenn

Charlotte Searle                      61                                            Kenn


1851 census Kenford, Kenn Devon

Thomas  Searle                      58        Ag lab              Kenn

Charlotte Searle                      51                                Kenn

Elizabeth Searle                      23                                Kenn

Thomas Shaper sin                 40        visitor               Kenn


1841 census Kenford, Kenn Devon

Thomas  Searle          45        Ag lab              Devon

Charlotte Searle          40                                Devon

Ann Searle      20                                Devon




Other Searles connected with Quorndon

Walter son of Richard Searle and Margaret

In memory of Elizabeth wife of Walter Searle and only daughter of John and Elizabeth Sanders died March 20th 1912 aged 39 years


1901 Census  Barrow St, Quorndon

Walter J Searle                       27        Joiner Builder & Contractor                Surrey Kennington London

Elizabeth Searle                      28                                                        Quorndon

Horace J Searle                      3M                                                       Quorndon                     

Elizabeth Sanders wid            68        living on own means                           Quorndon


1891 census 85 Gladstone St, Peterborough

Walter Searle  boarder            16        apprentice joiner                     Kennington Surrey


Horace son of Richard Searle and Margaret

1901 census Barrow Strett, Quorndon  (a couple of doors down from his brother)

Horace Searle  boarder          23        Wood Carver                         Buckinghamshire Slough       

(in 1891 was living with father Richard Searle 45 from Devon (Beer) in Bungay, Suffolk)


Richard Searle son of William Searle and Susanna Snell (?)

1891 census Neatgate St, Bungay, Suffolk

Richard M Searle  wid            45        architect’s assistant     Beer  Devon

Ada M                         17        milliner apprentice                   Kennington London

Horace C                                13        scholar                                    Slough, Bucks

Richard W                   11        scholar                                    Brixton, London

Charles R                                10        scholar                                    Clapham London


1881 census 36 Larkhall Lane, Kennington, Lambeth

Richard M Searle                    35        stone mason   Beer Devonshire

Margaret                                 35                                Pendrae Cardiganshire

Minnie R                                  7          scholar                        Kennington

Ada M                         7          scholar                        Kennington

Walter S                                  6          scholar                        Kennington

Amy L                         4                                  Kennington

Horace C                                3                                  Slough, Bucks

Richard W                   1                                  Brixton Surrey

Charles R                                mon                             ? Surrey


1871 census 5 Eagle Terrace, Brixton, Lambeth

Richard M Searle                    25        stone mason   Beer Devonshire

Margaret                                 25                                Cardiganshire

Edwin H                                  1 mon                          Brixton

Jane Searle  cousin    19                                Cardiganshire


William Searle (stone mason)

1871 census 9 Ocford Terrace Court, Clewer, Bucks

William Searle 60        stone mason               Beer and Seaton Devon

Mary Ann Searle         62                                            Sidmouth Devon


1861 census Datchet, Bucks

William Searle 50        mason             Beer

Mary A Searle 49                                Sydmouth

William Searle 17                                Beer

Richard Searle            15                                Beer


1851 census  Beer Street, Beer, Devon

Catherine Snell           sin                    30        dressmaker     Beer

William James Searle nephew           7                                  Beer

Richard Searle nephew                      6                                  Beer

Elizabeth Anne Searle niece   11                                Beer


1851 census  Plump Street, St Helen Worcester

William Searle wid                  lodger  41        stone mason   Beer and Seaton


1841 census  Kenton Devon

William Searle 35        mason             Devon

Susanna Searle          35                                Devon

Eliza Searle     11                                Devon

Emma Searle  9                                  Devon

Sarah Searle   6                                  Devon

Susanna Searle          1                                  Devon
IGI  No other relevant Searles in Leicestershire, hardly any there.  Loads of Searles in Devon

1821 18 Mar John Searle s of John and Sarah  Crediton



From 1851 Census index for Devon :Address:        High Street, Crediton, Devonshire

 PRO Reference:  HO/107/1887     Folio:  105     Page:   14      FHL Film:0221037

Robert  MEDLAND                    60                 Solicitor                                  North Tawton-Dev

Elizabeth F.  MEDLAND            56                 Solicitors Wife                        Crediton-Dev

Elizabeth F. A.  MEDLAND        22                 Solicitors Dau                         Crediton-Dev

Maryann  MEDLAND                 21                 Solicitors Dau                         Crediton-Dev

Sarah  PHILLIPS Serv               23 (Unm)      House Serv                            Colebrook-Dev

Charlotte  DART Serv                21 (Unm)      House Serv                            Crediton-Dev

John  SEARLE Serv                  30 (Unm)      House Serv                            Crediton-Dev


From 1851 Census index for Devon :  Address:        Fernham, Totnes, Devonshire

 PRO Reference:  HO/107/1873     Folio:  26      Page:   10      FHL Film:0221021

Samual  TOZER                                    59                 Ag Lab                 Paignton-DEV

Elizabeth  TOZER                                  61                                              Cheriton-DEV

William  LAPTHORN SonL                    26                 Ag Lab                 Chudleigh-DEV

Grace  LAPTHORN Daur                      22                                              Paignton-DEV

Thomas  LAPTHORN   GSon               2                                                Paignton-DEV

John  SEARLE    Bord                           30 (Unm)      Ag Lab                 Paignton-DEV


From 1851 Census index for Devon : address:        Summer Wood, Totnes, South Brent Totnes, Devonshire

 PRO Reference:  HO/107/1874     Folio:  406     Page:   21      FHL Film:0221022

John  SEARLE               30      Lab                  Ugborough-Dev

Ann  SEARLE                30                             Bigbury-Dev

Ann  SEARLE                1                               So Brent-Dev

Kate  SEARLE               1m                            So Brent-Dev

Elizabeth  SEARLE                  15                    Sister  Ugborough-Dev


From 1851 Census index for Devon :  Address:        Lower Dittisham, Totnes, Devonshire

 PRO Reference:  HO/107/1873     Folio:  514     Page:   6       FHL Film: 0221021

John  SEARLE                      30        M         Ag Lab            Totnes-Dev

Tryphena  SEARLE               25        F          ---                    Stoke Fleming-Dev

Asenath  SEARLE                 2          F          ---                    Dittisham-Dev


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