Other HAROLDS in the Islington, London area 

Note - looking for people in London is very difficult and time consuming - these are just people I have come across - 
there must be a large number I have misssed !

1861 Census 8 Francis Street, Islington
born 1813 (probably s of William and Esther – Samuel’s wife Ann too young to be mother  (18) ?? – maybe she was his 2nd wife though)
 Not in 1881 census
Scole Norfolk

St Andrews Mddx
4  niece 
Gt Yarmouth
1881 Census Islington, house of Henry D Newman
born 1863
John W Harold (single) 18 Boarder Scole

Deaths Mar 1858 Harrold Thomas Shoreditch 1c 179

Births Jun 1838 HAROLD Henry Clerkenwell 3 59
Births Sep 1848 HAROLD Ann Mary Islington 3 264

1861 Census 5 Seymour Street, Islington
Maria Harold (wid) 59 Clerkenwell
Henry Harold 22 Designer Clerkenwell
Sarah Harold 19 Dressmaker St Andrews Mddx
Ann Harold 13 Fancy needlewoman Dartford, Kent
Katherine Franklin (sister) 57 Islington

1866 2 October Henry Harrold (> 21), designer of 20 Upper John Street, son of Thomas Harrold (civil engineer) married Fanny Glasscoe (> 21) of 20 Upper John Street, daughter of Thomas Glasscoe (News Agent) Islington, St Mary
1871 24 December (born 31 October) Eleanor Frances daughter of Henry and Frances, designer of Warner Street Islington, St Mary
Births Dec 1871 HAROLD Eleanor Florence Islington 1b 222
1881 Census 66 Shepperton, Islington, London (s of Thomas and Maria)
Herny Harold 41 Glass employee Clerkenwell
Fanny Harold 38 Islington
Frances Harold 11 Islington
Eleanor Harold 9 Islington

1841 census Islington, Sudley Street
Catharine Harrold 25 N
Ann Harrold 4 Y
Thomas Harrold 2 Y
Births Dec 1838 Harrold Thomas Islington 3 165
Births Jun 1843 HARROLD Henry Robert Islington 3 214
Births Sep 1847 HARROLD Alfred Church Islington 3 228
Births Jun 1849 Harrold Charles Stubbins Islington 3 242

1851 census 12 Sudley street, Islington East
Thomas Harrold 43 Commercial traveller in ribbon trade Marylebone
Catharine Harrold 39 Nettleswell
Ann Harrold 13 Islington
Thomas Harrold 12 Scholar Islington
Catharine Harrold 10 Scholar Islington
Henry Harrold 8 Scholar Islington
Alfred Harrold 3 Islington
Charles Harrold 2 Islington
Louisa Harrold 3 mth Islington
Millicent Ross (niece) 7 Hoxton

1881 Census 8 Charlotte Street, Bethnal Green (s of Thomas and Catharine)
Alfred Harold 32 Envelope stamper Bethnal Green
Jane Harold 30 Machinist Bethnal Green
Elizabeth Harold 9 scholar Bethnal Green
Ernest Harold 7 Bethnal Green
Thomas Harold 1 Bethnal Green

1851 census 30 Victoria Street, Islington (possible s of John and Sarah Harold)
John Harrold 27 Brick Labourer Islington
Ellen Harrold 29 Islington
William Harrold 7 Islington
John Harrold 1 Islington

1841 census Islington, Pearsleys Court
Caroline Harrold 40 Washerwoman Ireland
John Harrold 19 Y
Ann Harrold 10 Y
Alice Harrold 7 Y
David Harrold 15 mth Y

1841 census Brevy’s Place
Sarah Harrold 40 Beer Shop N
Thomas Gregory 25 Carman N

1841 census Islington, Pleasant Place
Jonathon Harold 65 Coal merchant N
Sarah Harold 63 Y
Thomas Harold 16 Y
Alfred Harold 11 Y
Jonathon Baker 8 Y

1851 census 6 Britannia Row, Shoreditch
Arthur Harold single 34 Medical Ap?tant Holt, Norfolk

1851 census 5 Hemsworth Street, Shoreditch
Ann Harrold single 29 Laundress visitor Downham Market

Births Dec 1870 Harrold Linda Islington 1b 317
Births Dec 1872 HARROLD Edith Annie Islington 1b 303
1881 Census 23 Eversholt Rd, Islington, London
Thomas Harrold 42 Treasury clerk Islington
Mary J Harrold 38 Windsor
Linda Harrold 10 Scholar Islington
Edith A Harrold 8 Scholar Islington
Annie Harrold 7 Scholar Islington
Mary A Scott widow 70 Mother in law Sandy, Bedfordshire
Elizabeth Scott single 34 Sister, dressmaker Islington

1868 27 April William Harrold (> 21), plasterer of 2 Broad Yard, son of William Harrold (labourer) married Margaret Heenan (> 21) of 2 Broad Yard, daughter of Thomas Heenan (labourer) Islington, St Mary

1881 Census 33 Parkfield St, Islington, London
William Harold 38 Labourer Islington
Margaret Harold 32 Laundress Islington

1874 24 May (born 20 April) John Thomas Harold son of John and Catharine, Bricklayer of
Rutland Terrace Islington, St Mary
1875 14 Nov (born 2 Sept) Florence Emily Harrold daughter of John and Catharine, Bricklayer of Rutland Place Islington, St Mary
1881 Census 95 Durham Rd, Islington, London
John Harrold 30 Bricklayer Islington
Catherine Harrold 28 Islington
John Harrold 6 Scholar Islington
Hugh Harrold 5 Scholar Islington
Harry Harrold 3 Islington
William Harrold 1 Islington

Islington, St Peter 1862 - 1872
1866 3 June (born 7 May) Thomas Lewis Harrold son of Thomas and Caroline Rebecca, Fancy Draper of 82 Upper Street Islington, St Peter
1868 28 June (born 14 April) Henry Charles Harrold son of Thomas and Caroline Rebecca, Fancy Draper of 82 Upper Street Islington, St Peter
1870 4 May (born 11 April) Edith Caroline Harrold daughter of Thomas and Caroline Rebecca, Milliner and Draper of 82 Upper Street Islington, St Peter
Births Jun 1870 Harrold Edith Caroline Islington 1b 229

1881 Census 82 Upper St, Islington, London
Thomas Harrold wid 44 Fancy draper Islington
Louisa Harrold single assistant 28 Drapers sales Islington
Charlotte Bayley Single assistant 27 Milliner Belper, Derby
Elisa A Staff Single Assistant 23 Drapers sales Norton, Suffolk
Millicent Bershall Single Assistant 23 Drapers sales Plumtree, Notts
Caroline Raraly Single Assistant 22 Drapers sales Dulwich, Surrey
Caroline Wells wid Cook 51 Domestic servant Drury Lane
Rose Wells Single Housemaid 15 Domestic servant Islington

1851 census 7 Stanley Place, Islington (probably came from the other group near Lawshall)
John Harold 68 Beadle & Sexton Suffolk
Charlotte Harold 58 Stortford, Herts
John Thomas Harold 17 Blacksmith Holloway

1881 Census 5 Slaney Place, Islington, London
Charlotte Harrold Widow 91 Bishop Stortford, Herts
Annie Harrold granddaughter 9 Islington

1881 Census 4 Slaney Place, Islington, London (son of John and Charlotte ?)
John Harrold Wid 45 General labourer Islington
Harriet Harrold 19 Islington
John Harrold 18 Islington
Thomas Harrold 15 Islington
George Harrold 14 Islington
Charlotte Harrold 11 Islington
Ann Harrold 9 Islington

1881 Census 4 Candy St, Bow, London
James Harold 37 Bootmaker Bethnal Green
Mary Ann Harold 34 Paddington
Henry Harold 2 Bethnal Green
Albert Harold 1m Bow

1881 Census 137 Aldergate, St Botolph, London
Annislie Harold 24 Kitchen maid (single) Helhoughton, Norfolk

1881 Census 13 Church St, Poplar, London
Alfred Harold 34 carman Barrow, Suffolk
Susan Harold 31 Clapham, Surrey

1881 Census 30 Church St, Poplar, London
Richard Harold 48 Laborer Barrow, Suffolk
Sarah Harold 32 Barrow, Suffolk
William Harold 19 General labourer Poplar
Henery Harold 16 Rice labourer Poplar
Sarah Harold 11 Scholar Poplar
Anne Harold 7 Scholar Poplar
Richard Harold 12 scholar Poplar
Mary A Harold 5 Poplar

1881 Census 16 Well Place, Whitechapel, London
John Harold 54 Boilermaker Tipton, Staffordshire
Jemima Harold 44 Tailoress Plymouth
George Harold 17 Labourer Limehouse
Hannah Harold 15 Domestic servant Limehouse
Catharine Harold 9 Scholar Mile End
Hannah Harold 7 Scholar Mile End

1881 Census 64 Marsham St, Westminster, London
Bernard Harold 53 Beer retailer Louth, Ireland
Catharine Harold 49 Cork, Ireland
Ellen Harold 18 ? clicker Woolwich
Hugh Harold 15 Glass blower Woolwich
Cathatrine Harold 13 Scholar Woolwich
Peter A Harold 12 scholar Woolwich

1881 Census 12 Clarence Rd, Tottenham, London
Ann Harold widow 52 Independent Chalfont St Giles, Bucks
Kate S Harold 24 Governess London
Arthur J Harold 20 Clerk in bank London
Annie L Harold 18 London
Esther E Harold 17 Barnstaple, Devon
Ada Minnie Harold 15 Barnstaple, Devon

1881 Census 28 Victor Rd, Islington, London
George Harrold 31 Bricklayer Islington
Emma Harrold 29 Shoreditch

Births Mar 1874 Harrold Catherine Rose Islington 1b 404
1881 Census 73 Queensland , Islington, London
Agnes Harrold Single 26 charwoman Islington
Rose Harrold daughter 6 Scholar Islington
Susan CALLOW Lodger 72 Laundress Attleborough, Norfolk

Births Jun 1871 Harrold George Islington 1b 380
Births Dec 1875 Harrold Jane Alice Islington 1b 312
1881 Census 1 Frederick Row, Islington, London
Harriet Harrold Wid 37 City
Walter Harrold 13 Warehouse boy Islington
Harriet Harrold 11 Scholar Islington
George Harrold 9 Scholar Islington
Jane Harrold 5 scholar Islington
Albert Harrold 3 Islington
Willie Harrold 1m Islington

1881 Census 109 Durham Rd, Islington, London
Thomas Harrold single 19 Cabinet maker Islington

Births Jun 1871 Harrold Ellen Snowden Islington 1b 296
1881 Census 23 Lorne Rd, Hornsey, London

George Harrold 32 Stockbrokers Clerk Islington
Ellen Harrold 33 Islington
George Harrold 13 Scholar Islington
Nellie Harrold 10 Scholar Islington
Katie Harrold 7 Scholar Islington
Ethel Harrold 5 Scholar Islington
Edward Harrold 2 Islington
Catherine Adamson widow 75 Mother in law, Independent Ireland
Rose McGregor single 53 Sister in law, Annuitant Ireland
Mary Cox single 18 Domestic servant Hope, Herefordshire

1881 Census 16 Trinder Rd, Islington, London
George J Harrold 32 Clerk stock exchange Islington
Mary Harrold 30 Stroud, Gloucestershire
Harry W Harrold 6 Stepson Islington
Elizabeth Harrold single 35 sister Islington

1881 Census 39 Enfield Rd, Hackney, London
Henry Harrold 31 Warehouseman Islington
Ellen Harrold 30 Pimlico
Mary W Harrold 6 Islington
Alfred E Harrold 3 Islington
Albert E Harrold 1 Islington

1881 Census 120 High St, Islington, London
Alexander Rose 42 Wheelwright Clerkenwell
Mary Ann Rose 30 Finchley
Charlotte Harrold 6 Niece scholar Holloway

1881 Census 22 Graham Rd, Hackney, London
Charles Harrold 32 Flannel warehouseman Islington
Ellen Harrold 30 Islington
Percy Harrold 5 Scholar Islington
Edith Harrold 3 Islington
Charles Harrold 1 Hackney
Robert Harrold 4m Hackney
Alice Earton 17 General servant (single) Hackney

1881 Census 19 Holly St, Hackney, London
Mary Harrold (wid) 38 Dress and mantle maker Lombard St
Henry Harrold 16 Solicitors clerk Dalston
Susan Mn Harrold 13 Scholar Hoxton

1881 Census 97 Packington, Islington
Harriet Harold (married) 58 nurse Ipswich

1881 Census 25 Grove Place Kensington
Rebecca Harold (single) 16 servant London

1881 Census 15 Clarendon St Islington
Patrick Harold 40 General labourer Ireland
Julia 41 charwoman Ireland
Patrick 20 Printer St Pancras
Thomas 19 General labourer St Pancras
Margaret 17 Servant St Pancras
Julia 14 servant St Pancras

1881 Census 27 Hanover St
James Harold (widow) 64 Artists colour + City of London

1881 Census 4 Paynes Building, Bow
Margaret Murphy (widow) 66 Ireland
Maria Harold (widow) 30 Matchmaker Ireland
Robert Harold 12 scholar Bromley

1881 Census 9 King David Lane, Shadwell
Samuel Harold 23 Stonemason labourer Bury St Edmunds
Sarah Harold 23 Wisbech

1881 Census 18 Warner St
Sarah Harold (single) 30 Dressmaker London
Annie Harold (single) 24 milliner Kent

1881 Census Harold

Middlesex birth

41 Ecclesbourne Rd London
Joseph Slaby HARRELD Head M Male 29 Stepney Zink Worker
Helen HARRELD Wife M Female 31 Wednesbury, Stafford, England
Helen Grace HARRELD Daur Female 6 Islington Scholar
Harvey Handel HARRELD Son Male 5 Islington Scholar
Florence Annie HARRELD Daur Female 3 Islington

Metropolitan District Asylum" Leavesden Watford
Elizabeth HARROLD Patient U Female 52 London, London, Middlesex

"Metro Imbecile Asylum & Schools Darenth" Darenth, Kent
Sarah HARROLD Inmate M Female 82 Bethnal Green, Middlesex

10 Vauxhall Bridge Rd London
Eliz. HAROLD Lodger U Female 20 London, Middlesex

12 Landseer Rd London
Frances HAROLD Head W Female 55 Beauchamp Roding, Essex, England Annuitant
Frederick R. HAROLD Son U Male 30 St Pancras, Middlesex, England Writer Insurance
Sarah A. HAROLD Daur U Female 19 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England Berceaunette Trimmer
Rosella L. HAROLD Daur U Female 17 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England School Teacher
Martha BRATTON Lodger U Female 81 London City Of, Middlesex, England Annuitant

28 Turin St London
Jasper HARROLD Head M Male 30 B Green, Middlesex, England Envelope Stamper
Emma HARROLD Wife M Female 25 B Green, Middlesex, England Boot Machinist
Emma HARROLD Daur Female 4 B Green, Middlesex, England Scholar
Louisa HARROLD Daur Female 2 B Green, Middlesex, England
Alice HARROLD Daur Female 5 m B Green, Middlesex, England

2 Bromley Hall Rd London
Edwin OLIVER Head M Male 30 Finsbury, Middlesex, England Ships Clerk
Mary A. OLIVER Wife M Female 27 Holloway, Middlesex, England
Emma HARROLD Step Daur Female 9 Holloway, Middlesex, England Scholar
John HARROLD Stepson Male 5 Brighton, Sussex, England Scholar
Margaret OLIVER Daur Female 2 Bromley, Middlesex, England

High St Battle, Sussex
William H. HAROLD Head U Male 42 Hackney, Middlesex, England Chemist
George P. HAROLD Bro U Male 33 Hackney, Middlesex, England Chemists Assistant
Mary W. HAROLD Sister U Female 30 Battle, Sussex, England
Frances E. HAROLD Sister U Female 29 Battle, Sussex, England Schoolmistress Governess
Alfred H. HAROLD Nephew U Male 7 Forest Hill, Kent, England Scholar
Emily SPRAY Servt U Female 14 Battle General Domestic Servt

Sydenham Park Shanklin Villa Lewisham, Kent
Ellen HARRILD Head W Female 54 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England No Occupation
Robert T. BILLING Nephew M Male 31 Woking, Surrey, England Printer (Master)
Sarah BILLING Niece M Female 27 Chiseldon, Wiltshire, England
Helen E. BILLING Niece Female 3 Guildford, Surrey, England
Elizabeth WHITE Serv U Female 31 Holborn, Middlesex, England Domestic Serv (Housemaid)
Kate TATUM Serv U Female 19 Lavenham, Suffolk, England Domestic Serv (Nursemaid)

2 Highbury Grove London
Harriett HAROLD Serv Female 21 London, Middlesex, England Housemaid

9 Wilks Court London
Henry HARROLD Head M Male 78 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Jobbing Man
Susanna HARROLD Wife M Female 60 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Laundress
Charlotte HARROLD Daur U Female 21 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Clear Starcher (Washing)

219 And 221 Cambridge Road London
James MACKEY Head W Male 80 Stepney, Middlesex, England Furniture Dealer
James MACKEY Son U Male 30 Stepney, Middlesex, England Furniture Dealer
Harriett BARTER Daur W Female 40 Stepney, Middlesex, England
Agnes HARROLD Daur M Female 35 Stepney, Middlesex, England
Henry HARROLD Son In Law M Male 50 Stepney, Middlesex, England Bricklayer

Turnpike Scarning, Norfolk
George ANDREWS Head M Male 66 Wendling, Norfolk, England Farmer Of 25 Acres Employing 1 Man
Charlotte ANDREWS Wife M Female 61 Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England
Johnathan ANDREWS Son U Male 24 Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England Agricul Labourer
Charles HARROLD Lodger U Male 19 London, Middlesex, England Ironmongers Apprentice

12 Church Bldgs Clapham, Surrey (school)
Henry HARROLD Boarder U Male 12 Islington, Middlesex, England
Thomas HARROLD Boarder U Male 14 Islington, Middlesex, England Scholar

Bull & Star 48 High St Putney, Surrey
John THOMAS Head U Male 62 Chelsea, Middlesex, England Licensed Victualler
Harriet THOMAS Sister U Female 65 Chelsea, Middlesex, England Housekeeper
Henry THOMAS Nephew U Male 23 Chelsea, Middlesex, England Barman
Louisa THOMAS Niece U Female 19 Chelsea, Middlesex, England Barmaid
Mary HARROLD Visitor U Female 20 London, Middlesex, England Barmaid

92 Bride St London
Thomas HAROLD Head M Male 40 London Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England Carpenter
Ellen HAROLD Wife M Female 35 London Bermondsey, London, Middlesex, England

39 Grovedale Road London
Frances HAROLD Head M Male 29 Islington, Middlesex, England Brewers Clerk
Emily HAROLD Wife M Female 30 York, England

Harburton London
Robert HARROLD Head M Male 48 Edmondton, Middlesex, England Bootmaker & Letter Carrier
Catherine HARROLD Wife M Female 48 Ireland
John HARROLD Son U Male 21 Edmondton, Middlesex, England Bootmaker & Letter Carrier
Martha HARROLD Daur Female 16 Edmondton, Middlesex, England Domestic Serv
Joseph HARROLD Son Male 14 Edmondton, Middlesex, England Errand Boy

Laleham, Middlesex
John HARROLD Head M Male 45 Folkestone, Kent, England Carpenter
Rosetta HARROLD Wife M Female 46 Igelvedon, Essex, England
Thomas HARROLD Son Male 15 Islington, Middlesex, England Carpenter
Herbert HARROLD Son Male 13 Laleham, Middlesex, England Scholar
George HARROLD Son Male 9 Laleham, Middlesex, England Scholar

1A Chester St (E Side) London
Sarah HARROLD Head W Female 63 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England None
George HARROLD Son U Male 36 Spitalfields, Middlesex, England Umbrella Stick Dresser
Charles HARROLD Son M Male 30 London City Of, London, Middlesex, England Stick Dresser
Helena HARROLD Daur In Law M Female 26 Stepney, Middlesex, England