Harold families of Norfolk/Suffolk border area and Islington in London

My family moved from the Norfolk/Suffolk border to London in the 1830's.

Whilst researching their history I have come across a large number of people with the same surnames (which has vairous spellings).
I have also come across a number of other people who are also researching this surname - so I have put all my information together here in the hope that it may be useful to someone else. All information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but you should check for yourself if possible.

There are bound to be gaps - if you have anything you wish to add or correct please contact me.

For convenience I have split it in to the following groups.

  • The Harold families descended from John Harold and Judith Styles
  • other people in the Norfolk Suffolk border area who I have not yet connected to my family (but I am pretty sure they fit somewhere !)
  • other people in the Norfolk Suffolk area
  • other people in the London area with the same surname
  • 1851 census Harolds in Depwade and Guiltcross districts of Norfolk
  • 1881 census Harolds with Norfolk Suffolk origins
  • births marriage deaths index (from freebmd) London
  • births marriage deaths index (from freebmd) Hartismere and Depwade

  • All dates are baptisms unless stated.

    There are a number of other researchers - line of descent from John and Judith is given .

    Wilson Longden  John & Judith, Robert, Charles, Edgar,

    Jane Martin

    Yvonne Harrold   (yvonneharrold@nospam.blueyonder.co.uk)  John & Judith, Robert, Charles, David

    Katharine Harrold  (katharine@nospam.cantab.net)  John & Judith, Robert, Charles, David

    If you want to contact me please mail famhist@nospam.highfields1.plus.com